Give the Gift of a Cleaner Earth

Our holiday box is a great way to introduce all natural, plastic-free, eco-friendly products to your friends and family. 

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5% of profits are donated to Plastic Pollution Coalition!

Not only are you encouraging friends and family to use plastic-free products, you're supporting plastic-free education and awareness programs through Plastic Pollution Coalition.

3 ideas for your holiday box

1. the solo: This box is good to go. Wrap with newsprint, brown paper, or break out your colored pencils. The box is white so you can draw some festive holiday pictures.

2. the stuffers: Don't fret about finding plastic free stocking stuffers this year. These five items will slip perfectly into a stocking for all your earth loving family members. 

3. the pals: You can break this box into three AMAZING gifts for each of your friends! See below... 

for your friend who can't stop instagramming their food

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for your friend who insists on group photos at every event

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for your friend who's a rockstar... in the shower

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